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Ability to sync tags based on multiple website fields within one object type in SFDC

The way the platform is currently designed with the SFDC integration, Datanyze looks at one field per object type (e.g. email for leads & contacts, and website for accounts) and creates a custom, dynamic tag within the platform that reflects exactly what records are in the SFDC instance. This is immensely helpful so teams can filter out existing SFDC records and focus on net new business, knowing that the tags include everything in Salesforce. However, some companies include subsidiaries in an additional field on the parent company account within Salesforce. It would be immensely helpful if Datanyze could recognize more than one field per object type so that the custom tags within the platform accurately reflect not only the parent company, but any subsidiaries that have been identified that would be off limits for net new prospecting.

Paige Orr

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