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Salesforce Integration Settings Update


You must have an active Salesforce Integration.

We have recently updated the visibility for our users within the Integrations Settings Tab.
To view your Integrations Settings follow these steps:

  1. Click into Settings
  2. Select the Integrations tab on the left side

The following sections are now visible:

General Salesforce Push
This section allows Datanyze to connect to your Salesforce instance. Depending on your needs we can create a Lead, Opportunity, Account, or Contact.


Salesforce Sync Stats
This section includes the date and time of the last full Salesforce sync. You will see how many logs were successfully synced, how many API calls have been used, and the count of records utilized.


Salesforce Last Sync Errors
This section outlines the date, record ID, and message related to any sync errors that occur.


Frequency/Schedule for Daily and Weekly Syncs
This section details the frequency of the sync (in minutes), and the day and time that the full sync update recurs between your Salesforce instance and Datanyze.


Salesforce Fields Included in Sync
This section includes the Salesforce object to which we are syncing, the corresponding Datanyze field, and the arguments included in the records.

To make any changes to your existing Salesforce Settings, contact or your dedicated Customer Success Manager. To learn more about the Datanyze to Salesforce Integration click here.

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