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Collaborative Features in Datanyze

Many companies that join Datanyze have users that stretch across a team or even multiple job functions. Datanyze wants you to be able to collaborate with your team directly on our platform.
We have a few features and functionalities that will help your team stay in sync:

Sharing reports
We recommend saving a Targeting Report if you plan to run the report again once it has yielded a list of domains. Additionally, you have the option to checkmark a box in order to share a specific report with your team.


Making a Tag Public
When uploading a list of domains to apply to a tag you will see the option to make this tag public. Checking this box will ensure that other people from your company will have access to the tag you created.


Sharing lists
Within the Prospecting module, you can access any list that you previously saved. When accessing a list, you will see a drop-down menu on the top right corner called List actions. This drop-down includes the option to Share with account, which gives all users in your account the ability to view this saved list.


These features keep your team on the same page while building workflows on the Datanyze platform to help you hit your goals. All without missing a beat!

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