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Alexa Rank FAQ

What is Alexa Rank?
Alexa Rank is the ranking of a website’s online traffic in comparison to all other websites. This number is calculated based on a website’s average of daily unique visitors and its estimated pageviews over the past 3 months. The #1 website is the site with the highest combined number of unique visitors and pageviews, Datanyze updates the Alexa Rank datapoint on a weekly basis. Alexa Rank can give you a general view of how popular your website is compared to all other sites.

Where on the Datanyze platform will I see Alexa Rank?
You will notice Alexa Rank in several areas of the Datanyze platform, including the Web Targeting, People Targeting, Alerts, and Insider Extension functionalities. Datanyze updates Alexa Rank on a weekly basis as the ranks are constantly changing.

In the Web Targeting module you will see two conditions that include Alexa Rank:
-Alexa Rank
-Alexa Rank Change (Alexa Rank change (+/-) of website from last week or month)


In the People Targeting module you will see two conditions that include company Alexa Rank
-Company Alexa Rank
-Company Alexa Rank Change (Alexa Rank change (+/-) of company of website from last week or month)


In the Alerts module you have the option to include technographic and firmographic filters, one of which includes Alexa Rank.

In the Insider Extension you will see Alexa Rank included in the at-a-glance firmographics tab.


What are best practices regarding Alexa Rank?
Alexa Rank can be used to gain a general understanding of a website’s popularity. Datanyze users can run Targeting Reports weekly to determine if a target company has an increase or decrease in Alexa Rank. Users with integration enabled can sync the Alexa Rank datapoint directly to their CRM and create notifications if a target company’s Alexa Ranking increases or decreases a specified amount. Alexa Rank can also help you define your Ideal Customer Profile and better understand your Total Addressable Market by including or excluding domains where the Alexa Rank falls outside your targeted threshold.

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