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Technology Confidence Scores

As the Leader in Technographics, Datanyze is always working to improve accuracy and transparency of data points. When Datanyze identifies a technology for a given company we can tell how strong the usage signal is. We want our users to be able to see that, too! Now, along with first/last seen dates and sources, we are including a confidence score for each technology in a tech stack.

Confidence scores for technologies appearing in a tech stack range between 50% and 99%. If a score dips below 50%, we simply remove that technology result from the list. It is important to note technologies found through a company’s job posting will initially have a high score, but unless other usage signals are detected, the confidence score will degrade over time. If that score goes below 50%, the technology will be removed.

Users can view confidence scores by clicking the “Technologies” tab from any domain page, as shown in the image below.


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