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Set Up Alert Bubbles In The Chrome Extension, Insider


Insider (the Datanyze Chrome extension) must be downloaded and you must have at least a Datanyze Individual plan.

What’s In This Article?

  • How to set up Alert Bubbles
  • How to configure Alert Bubbles with certain technologies

Our busiest customers don’t always have time to view a company’s entire tech stack for insights. Alert Bubbles are a helpful feature that automatically shows you if a domain is in your Salesforce instance when you visit the website. You can further customize Alert Bubbles to automatically notify you of specific technologies a domain is using, giving you insights into a domain’s technographics instantly upon visiting a website without having to open Insider.

Below is an example of what your Alert Bubble will look like once your settings are saved.
Note if a technology appears in an Alert Bubble it is included in the domain’s tech stack. An eye symbol next to the technology means that we are actively tracking this technology on the page that you are visiting. 


Basic Settings
Access Insider’s Basic Settings by clicking on the Settings gear at the bottom of the Insider window.


On the Basic Settings page you will have the option to:

  1. Enable Alert Bubbles: When you turn these alerts on, Alert Bubbles will display Tags and selected technologies automatically on page load.
  2. Select a Timeout: Select an option from this picklist to customize how long an Alert Bubble will be visible. Choose between 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 15 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds, or Until Clicked.
  3. Select a Position: Select an option from this picklist to choose where an Alert Bubble will appear in your browser window. Choose between Top Right, Bottom Right, Top Left, or Bottom Left.
  4. Select a Tag: Select an option from this picklist to customize which type of Tag an Alert Bubble will include. Choose between SFDC Only, Current Customer Only, Both Tags, or None.


On the Technographics page you can select which technologies you want to view while visiting different domains.

  1. Utilize the search bar to search for technologies.
  2. Select the checkbox under “Alert Bubble” to ensure the technology will be added to your Alert Bubbles. By default all technologies will appear in Insider but none will appear in the Alert Bubbles.
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