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Contacts FAQ


Must have Premium Contacts enabled for access to direct phone numbers and the ability to select confidence level.

What is the difference between Standard Contacts and Premium Contacts?
Standard Contacts is a database of 5 million contacts and general company phone numbers. Premium Contacts is a database of 50 million contacts with 15 million direct dials. Accuracy settings are controlled by the user.

When will a contact credit be used?
One contact credit will be used when you add a contact to a prospecting list. Contacts may be added to a prospecting list from a Targeting Report, from a Company Page, from a Company Website, or directly from Salesforce.

Will a contact credit only be used for net-new contacts?
Yes, after a contact has been added to a prospecting list the platform will reflect this so no additional credits are used on the same contact. If the contact is included in the results of a new Targeting report, you will see “Prospected by [team members name] on [date]” in green under the contact’s name.

How do I de-dupe contacts?
There are two ways to ensure you’re not selecting contacts you already have prospected.

1) In Settings:

  1. Access account level SettingsContacts_FAQ_Settings.png
  2. Click the Integrations module on the left
  3. Select Salesforce
  4. Select Lead, Account, or Contact from the picklist to de-dupeContacts_FAQ_SFDC_Settings_Lead.png

2) If OAuth is enabled:

  1. Access your prospecting list
  2. Click on the box in the upper left column (next to Name) to select all the contacts
  3. Click the Export button to export to CRM or Sales tool with contacts de-dupedContact_FAQ_Export_censored.jpg

In the Datanyze platform, you will see a green checkmark next to the Salesforce logo for any contact that has already been synced to Salesforce:


How do I change my contact confidence level settings?

Account administrators can adjust the default account-wide settings by following these steps:

  1. Access account level settingsContacts_FAQ_Settings.png
  2. Click the Contacts module on the left
  3. Choose from the picklist of contact confidence levels:
    90% confidence level, contains 2.3M contacts
    84% confidence level, contains 13.5M contacts
    75% confidence level, contains 35.6M contacts
    55% confidence level, contains 48.4M contactsContacts_FAQ_Contacts_Confidence.png

Users can adjust the contact confidence level for a Targeting report by following these steps:

  1. Select contact confidence level as a condition
  2. Choose from the picklist of contact confidence levelsContacts_FAQ_Contact_Confidence_Level.png

How do I manually add a contact to a prospect list?
There are four ways to add a contact to a prospecting list manually:
1) Using Insider, the Datanyze browser extension:

  1. Click on the Datanyze extension icon from your browserContacts_FAQ_Insider_censored.jpg
  2. Select the Contacts tab (Outline of two heads)
  3. Manually check the box next to each contact to add individuals to a list or check the box on the top left (next to Choose list) to add all contacts available Contacts_FAQ_Insider_w__Pixelation.jpg

2) From the Contact tab on a domain page

  1. Use the search bar at the top of the Datanyze platform to find a domainInsider_Search_Marketo.png
  2. Click the Contacts tab
    Use the search bar at the top of the Datanyze platform to find a domain
  3. Manually check the box next to each contact to add them to a list or check the box on the top left (next to Name) to add all contacts availableContacts_FAQ_Lookup_Domain_w__Pixel.jpg

3) From People Targeting report

  1. Add individual contacts by checking the box to the left of each nameContacts_FAQ_One_Name_Final.jpg
  2. Add a page of contacts by clicking on the box in the upper left-hand column to select allContacts_FAQ_Add_A_Page_Final.jpg
  3. Click the Add to List drop down and select an existing list or create a new list

4) From any website, Right-click on a name

  1. Visit any website listing employee names
  2. Highlight and right-click on a person’s name then select Datanyze Insider ( this will launch the Insider Email Finder)Contact_FAQ_Right_Click_censored.jpg
  3. Review the first name, last name and domain entered. Then click Find email/phone and Datanyze will search the Contacts database for a relevant email and phone number
  4. You will have the option to push the contact information to Datanyze or Salesforce

What is Contact-to-List?
Contact-to-List is a Datanyze tool that allows you to import your own lists and have Datanyze to provide any matching contacts we have in our database to a new or existing prospect list.
To utilize this tool, upload a CSV with up to 1,000 contacts with the following information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Company or Domain
  • Title (optional)
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