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How To Set Up Account Intelligence Dashboard

At Datanyze we understand how important having technology updates is to closing your next deal. That’s why we created Dashboard - our easy-to-use tool that offers at-a-glance updates on accounts and technologies that take priority for you. View Dashboard through your Datanyze account for convenient access to acquisition events, funding events, technologies added and dropped, job postings, and news or set up daily Dashboard email alerts so your most important updates are sent directly to your inbox.

What’s In This Article?
Select accounts to add to your Dashboard via Targeting, CSV, Tags, or Salesforce
Review Accounts you would like to see in your Dashboard
Select Technologies to add to your Dashboard
Personalize the name and description of your Dashboard

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1. Select Accounts
The first step to setting up your Dashboard is selecting accounts. You can do this in four different ways, each detailed below.

From a Targeting Report
Create a list of accounts with a Targeting report using technographic and firmographic conditions.


From a CSV of Domains
Create a list of accounts by uploading a CSV (drag and drop a file or use the file picker).


From a Tag
Create a list of accounts by including a user-generated, automated, or curated Tag.


From Salesforce

Create a list of accounts using your Salesforce instance by selecting object of records (which fields store website domains) and relevant Salesforce data filters.


Click Next Step to continue to Step 2.

2. Review Accounts
You should now see the total number of accounts in your list in the upper right-hand corner. In this step you have the option to add more accounts (domains) to your existing list by clicking Add New Domains, or you can click Skip This Step.


If you choose to Add New Domains you will see the following pop-up prompting you to add the names of the domains with comma separation.


Click Next Step to continue to Step 3.

3. Select Technologies
By default, the technologies used by accounts in your list will be included in your Dashboard. You may also add additional technology to your Dashboard using the two methods detailed below. Or click Skip This Step.

Use the search bar to look for technology categories, then click the plus sign under “Add Tech” column to add that technology category:


Use search bar or the picklist to look for single technologies, then click the plus sign under “Add Tech” column to add that technology:


Click Next Step to continue to Step 4.

4. Personalize
Personalize your dashboard by creating a title, description, and adding a department.


During this step you will also be asked to agree to the Terms of Service and have the option to receive daily emails regarding your Dashboard. Below is an example of a Dashboard daily summary email:


Once you have completed the Dashboard setup, you can view the data points and filter the timeline picklist by last 30 days, last 7 days, or last 24 hours. You can access the Dashboard tab in Settings to see an overview of your existing dashboard, change your email alert preferences, update your Dashboard, or reset your Dashboard.

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