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New Features with the Datanyze Integration to Salesforce

Datanyze is always looking for ways to improve our platform and offer great new features. One of our most popular tools is our Integration with Salesforce. And Datanyze is excited to introduce four new additions to that feature! 

1. Twitter Followers Info Now Available In the Sync 

While Users could already search for Twitter Follower information in a Datanyze Targeting Report, now Users can also include Twitter Follower data within their Salesforce integration. This feature has been requested by lots of users and we're happy to make it available! For assistance on this feature, drop us a line at 

2. Users Can Specify The Day and Time For a Full Salesforce Integration Sync

While some Datanyze users appreciate their integration happening at a random interval every week, some of our Salesforce Integration users have been requesting that we make it possible for them to schedule the sync, to coincide with a specific time that it would be most valuable to update all their information OR simply to sync up when they know they won't run out of API calls. 

Datanyze is happy to roll out this new functionality to our users! Reach out to a Datanyze representative at if you'd like to adjust your syncing frequency. 

3. Show Account-Level Errors To Salesforce Integration Users and Datanyze Administrators

In prior incarnations of the Salesforce Integration, when errors occurred and data was not synced, Users would have to rely on getting answers as to why it didn't work from our Customer Support team. And while our Customer Support team loves communicating with our Users, we can understand that sometimes it would be easier if you could just see what errors were happening and why. 

Now a Datanyze Administrator can - by looking at the Integrations tab within Settings. You can see what errors occurred in your most recent Salesforce sync and why, and in many cases we find the errors stem from issues on the User's Salesforce side with basic things like Field Settings. For the basic Salesforce errors Datanyze has created a guide to solving those problems HERE, and for more complicated issues there are resources HERE

4. Datanyze Shows How Many API Calls Were Used in the Latest Sync

One of the biggest errors Datanyze sees causing Integrations to stop is that we've hit the limit for an account's API calls. This is also one of the most popular questions we get in Support - "How many API calls did the integration use?" 

Now Users can find this information quickly and easily by opening up their Integrations tab in their Datanyze settings. This information will show how many calls were used, allowing Users to know how many they expect to use in future Integrations and adjust accordingly.  

If you have any questions about any of these new features, please reach out to us at, including if you have any other ideas for new features on Datanyze! 

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