How To Distribute Your Email Credits

As part of your Group's Datanyze account, you may have a pool of Email Credits that can be used to uncover Green/High-Confidence email addresses for contacts. 

Often our users find it's a good idea to create allowances for how many credits each user can utilize. To do this, you'll go to your Datanyze Settings:

Within Settings, you'll find your Accounts tab with Current Users. 

Please note: You must be an Administrator on your Group's Datanyze account in order to see this feature and make adjustments to each user's allowed credit usage. 

If you cannot see this feature and believe you should be enabled as an Administrator, please reach out to us at 

Once you are on the Current Users page, use the "Select an action" menu on the right of each user and select "Manage." 

The "Manage User" screen will allow you to adjust the user's access to credits. You can go as low as Zero or to as high as your group's total amount of available credits. 

Once you've made the selection, click "Save." Once you're finished, use the X on the upper right to exit the Manage User screen. 

These adjustments can be made as frequently as necessary. 

If you have any more questions about adjusting credit usage, please contact us at



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