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Datanyze to Salesforce Sync FAQ

If you are having a SFDC integration issue, you may be receiving one of the below error messages.

Simply look for your message below to find an explanation and resolution.

If you need to know where to find your SFDC error messages, click here and select Salesforce.

TIP: You can hold down "command" + "F" (mac) or "control" + "F" (pc) on your keyboard, copy and paste the error message you see, and click enter to get to the answer quickly!

Error Message Why it happened... How to fix it
INVALID_FIELD One of the Salesforce fields being synced to is not accepting the information Datanyze is sending. Identify the field that has the error and change the field type according to the error. Once the change is made the sync can start again.
REQUEST_LIMIT_EXCEEDED The Salesforce API Limit has been reached. Reduce the frequency of SFDC updates, or contact Salesforce to raise the API limit.
INVALID_LOGIN The user's Salesforce credentials are incorrect. Re-enter Salesforce credentials within Datanzye Integrations Settings.
Unable to obtain exclusive access to this record Another user is editing the record at the time of the attempted sync, OR another technology is also attempting to sync this record at the same time. Check the record's edit history to see what was attempting to edit the field at the same time and adjust accordingly.
There's a problem with this country, even though it may appear correct. Please select a country/territory from the list of valid countries.: Billing Country Most likely the Setup | Data Management | State and Country Picklists have been enabled in Salesforce. This will define a central set of values for Countries and States, and apply it to all address fields across the application. Turn off the default Countries definition in the State and Country picklists feature configuration in Salesforce.
Datanyze Revenue: bad value for restricted pick-list field: $1B The Salesforce field does not match the type that the Datanyze information is attempting to write. The Recordtype for the list is incorrect; go into the recordtype and edit the list to assign the values to the record type. We also commonly see that the values are not separated from the picklist number ID when this error occurs. 
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