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Build a Predict Model Using a CSV


You should have Predict enabled in your account and have the full version.

What's in this article:

  • CSV File Format
  • Build Your Predict Model

CSV File Format

1. Before you can create your predict model, make sure you have a list of domains saved as a CSV on your desktop in the correct format.
2. The list should consist of only domains; no header, nothing in the additional columns.


3. Try to aim for a list that has at least 100 domains.

Build Your Predict Model

1. Click on the Predict module in your Datanyze account and select Create new model.
2. Choose Upload CSV and select the CSV saved to your desktop.

predict_2.png 3. To create a model:
     a. Give your model a name
     b. Upload your accounts
     c. Upload your prospects (optional)


4. Click Generate model.
5. You will be notified that your model is being created.


6. You will receive an email when the model is complete and the status will change to Complete in the platform.


7. Once the model is complete, drill down into the model to view the results. You can view the scores and grades assigned to your Existing leads uploaded, and click on the New leads tab to view net new leads generated from the model.


8. Click on the Summary tab to view the Positive and Negative attributes.


9. This is where machine learning comes in. Thumbs up or thumbs down the results. Doing this teaches your model by telling it which leads are great and which are not.


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