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Using Contacts to List to Find Emails


You must have access to Premium contacts OR be enrolled in Datanyze Exchange to access the Contacts to List functionality.

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Formatting Your CSV

1. Contacts to List requires a very strict CSV format in order to successfully upload into Datanyze. Follow the CSV Example within your Import settings and use that as a template to ensure your upload works.


2. The only data requirements forContacts to List are First Name, Last Name, & Company Domain.


3. Save the CSV to your desktop for easy access when importing your list.


Importing Your List

1. Click on the blue Import button on the left side of the platform.


2. Change the import type to Contacts to List.


3. Click Choose File… and select the CSV that is saved to your desktop.


4. Choose whether to add the list of contacts to an existing list, or create a new list, and then choose a name. You can also choose whether to make the list public, making it visible to everyone else on your account (you can make the list public later on as well).


5. Click the blue Import button.


6. Import will take 5-10 minutes. Rest assured the file is being processed.


Reviewing Your List

1. After the import is complete, click Proceed to Results


Or click the Prospects module on the left-hand side of the screen.


2. You can view the contacts you imported and the emails found by Datanyze.


3. Export your list to your CRM, Sales Automation, CSV, or Google Sheet.


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