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Setup CSV Export Settings

This article will discuss:

  • What are CSV export settings
  • How to customize settings
  • Best practices

What are CSV export settings? 

CSV export settings allow you to customize what information you want to appear on CSV files you export from Datanyze. You can change your CSV export settings at any time.

CSV export settings will apply when performing the following actions: 

  • Targeting Reports
  • Data Append
  • Prospect Lists

Customizable features include:

  • Basic Infomation- Alexa Rank, Company Name, Revenue, Etc.
  • Salesforce Information-  Salesforce ID’s
  • People Information- First name, Last name, Email, Title
  • Web Technology Type- E-Commerce Tools, Ad- Servers, Sit-Delivery, Etc.
  • Mobile information- Developer, Category, Ratings, Etc.
  • Mobile Technology Type- Push Notifications, Advertising Networks, Marketing Automation, Etc. 
  • Email Confidence Type- Green, Yellow, Grey

How to customize your settings:

Step 1: Click on your email address in the right corner of your portal and select “Settings” .

 Step 2: Select the CSV Export tab.

Step 3: Checkmark the box next to the information you want on your CSV file.

Best Practices:  

By default, all data points are checked off (turned on) for all CSV exports. It is highly recommended to uncheck the boxes next to the data points that is irrelevant to you. This provides you with only necessary information and leaves out unwanted data. 

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