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How to Use Datanyze Insider Chrome Extension

Datanyze Insider allows you to:

  • Learn which technologies are in use by any site on the web
  • Discover firmographic information like Alexa Rank, Number of Employees, Funding, and more
  • Tag domains to avoid teammates overlapping in workflow
  • Visit the social pages of the domain like Crunchbase, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. 
  • Highlight any name on any site and attempt to find that contact's email address

Our browser extension is only compatible with Google Chrome. To add it to your browser now, click here.  

Once you have successfully installed the Datanyze Insider browser extension, you will see the Datanyze icon on the right side of your URL bar:  


 How to Use Insider to Analyze Tech Stack & Discover Firmographic Data

Navigate to any website and click the Datanyze icon next to your URL bar: 

Insider will show you the Firmographic data like company details, Revenue, Employee information, Alexa Rank and Revenue. 

To see the current tech stack on a site, click the Technographic icon on the upper left. 

All technologies listed on the extension are the technologies Datanyze detects the website is using. By default, Insider will display the vertical for the technology before listing the specific technology. If a site is using a Marketing Automation platform, you can see which one by clicking the ">".  

Some technologies will have an eyeball icon listed next to them. The eyeball means that the technology we are reporting shows a signature presence on that page. To learn more about the eyeball icon, click here. 

How to Choose Specific Technology Verticals 

For some customers, they do not need to know all of the technologies in use by a domain. They would prefer to know if a domain is using specific technology types. 

1. Open Datanyze Insider and click the gear box icon on the bottom left

2. Click the Technologies tab

3. Choose either specific technologies (ex: Hubspot) or specific verticals (ex: Marketing Automation)


How to Tag a Domain

Click the "Add a tag" button on the right side of the extension to Tag the domain you are currently visiting. It is below the Company Details.

When the text box appears, enter in the name of an existing Tag or create a new Tag name. Click 'Save". 

The Tag will appear on the extension every time you visit that website.

To see the Tag in Datanyze, click on the Tag name on the extension. You will be directed to the ‘Domains’ page within your Datanyze portal. To learn more about the Tagging feature, click here. 


Datanyze Insider Settings

To customize your settings, click the gear wheel icon on the bottom left of the extension. Once the settings page opens, you will have the option to select from 3 tabs: Basic Settings, Technologies, About. To learn more about Datanyze Insider browser extension settings, click here.




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