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Export Contacts to SalesLoft


You must have Contacts (Standard or Premium) enabled on your account and have already created a Prospect list. Contact support if you do not have Contacts enabled.

This article will show you how to export Contacts directly to SalesLoft from your Prospect list in Datanyze.

What’s in this article?

Connect to SalesLoft

Before you can export a Prospect list to SalesLoft, you must first connect Datanyze to SalesLoft.

Export to SalesLoft

Once you have created a Prospect list, you can export any or all of those contacts directly to your SalesLoft instance.

1. Select the checkbox next to each contact that you want to export, or select the top checkbox to select all.

2. Click the Export button (a box with curved arrow), and select Export to SalesLoft.


3. Once you click the Export to SalesLoft button, a window will pop up giving you some options:

  • Select which Cadence you want to add these contacts to, or select People Only to import these people without adding to a Cadence.
  • You can also include a Tag (or multiple tags separated by commas)


After you specify these fields, click the blue Export button to push these contacts into SalesLoft.

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