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Identify Net-New Accounts in Targeting

Identifying net-new accounts in the Datanyze Universe of 35 million domains can be accomplished with Datanyze Targeting. Targeting allows you to quickly source and segment companies in Datanyze through a combination of filters such as technographic and firmographic data. Targeting is the easiest way to build a list of new-net accounts to target.

Identify Net-New Accounts in Targeting

1. To find net-new accounts, you will want to exclude existing accounts in Datanyze. To help you do this, here are a few options:

2. Once you have chosen one of the above options to tag your existing accounts, click Targeting on the left-hand side of the panel to get started.


3. Select conditions to refine your Targeting report. In the following example, the report is using two conditions: Excluding accounts in Salesforce (using the sf_accounts tag) and companies currently using Marketo.


Note: Use None of the Following to exclude from a query and One of the Following to include in a query.

If you are assigned accounts based on geographical location of a company, simply add in a geographical condition. In the below example, we’ve used the previous query but added in a condition where US State equals California, Oregon and Washington. This narrows down the results to 1,623 companies to target. Adjust the process if your accounts are assigned based on company size, industry or revenue.


Note: Conditions are unlimited. You can add any number or combination of conditions to create a targeted report.

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