Best Practices for Sourcing New Businesses in Datanyze

The features at your disposal eliminate any need to scan the web for new businesses to reach out to. With Datanyze, you have access to one solution for building lists of businesses. It’s time to stop spending so much time filling your funnel, and to start spending that team writing emails and talking with prospects

In this article we discuss:

  1. How to Source Net New Businesses
  2. How to Source Within Your Territory
  3. How to Build Your Total Addressable Market (TAM)
  4. How to Identify High Growth Companies

How to Source Net New Businesses

The Targeting feature allows you to quickly source and segment businesses in Datanyze through a combination of filters such as technologies used, geographic locations, and company size. Targeting is the easiest way to build a list of net new businesses to go after.

  1. To begin, click on the Targeting- Web tab within your portal.
  2. Once in Targeting, select a condition from the list provided to start your search.

Example: I want to know which domains are using Marketo in the state of Washington: Currently use, Marketo, in Washington

*Tip: Reports are unlimited. You can add any number or combination of filters to create a report.

How to Source Within Your Territory

Leverage the geographic filters to ensure you only prospect within your territory. *For managers: We can create templates for each rep so they remain within their assigned territory.

  1. Datanyze’s location filters allow you to narrow down your search based on your specific territory such as; Country, U.S. State, U.S zip code, Canada Province, Canada Postal, UK Country, and UK Postal.  
  2. Each condition within the Targeting feature allows you to search for more than one option at once.

Example: If your territory is the Pacific Northwest, you can search for all six states within the Pacific Northwest in one report.

How to Build Your Total Addressable Market (TAM)

Datanyze is an ideal solution for determining how many businesses there are in your territory, vertical, or however you divide up your teams. We strongly recommend this exercise. The goal is to minimize your time prospecting and maximize your time creating custom messaging. 

  1. If your teams are territory based or regionalized, add one filter for the region and run the report. The total results number equals your TAM.
  2. Do the same if you split by vertical or company size.
  3. Once you have your TAM, the goal is to segment the list further to be a group of businesses with some commonalities so you can customize your messaging. For example:

Here is a list of 8 companies within my TAM that have gone from 25 to 100 employees in 2015:

*Tip: The goal is to minimize your time prospecting, and maximize your time creating custom messaging. 

How to Identify High Growth Businesses

Building off of the previous examples, you can segment the results further to be companies growing in size, funding and web traffic.

  1. Company size growth: Use the employee growth filter (See Targeting report above)
  2. Funding increase: Use the funding feature to target companies that raised money during a custom timeframe
  3. Web traffic: Use Alexa Rank Change to identify companies whose website traffic is rising.

Example: I am interested in finding companies that raised between $10-50 Million in the past quarter.


Example: I want to find companies whose Alexa Rank changed by -1,000 in the past week.

*Tip: Adding a negative before the number shows companies who are increasing in traffic: XYZ company went from rank 2,000 to 1,000 within the past week (The websites closest to rank 1 will have the highest amount of traffic).


Still Unsure Where to Start? Here are a few ideas

  1. Start with filters that match your current customers. If you commonly work with SMB or startups, use the 0-25 employee filter and industry = Internet
  2. Search your hometown to see who’s door you can knock on.
  3. Target your competitor’s customers. This is incredibly easy to do within the platform through the Technology filters.

Now that you have a desirable list of domains that fit your given criteria, Datanyze will find the prospects you need to reach out to from your list.

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