Outreach Integration

Outreach & Datanyze Integration

Through this powerful integration, sales reps can now prospect into accounts, build targeted contact lists and add contacts to their favorite sequence all within the same workflow.


  1. Datanyze Browser Plugin and Platform access
  2. access

How to setup:

  1. Enter API code into your Datanyze account via your Account Settings > Integrations > Outreach:

2) Once entered, Outreach will be an available export option from your prospecting lists:

How to use the integration: 

  1. Create a list in Datanyze, or open a list you’ve already collected
  2. Add new prospects to your list
  3. Verify all emails to ensure you have an email for each prospect. If you’d like to only export high or medium & high emails, you can customize this here in your CSV Export settings.
  4. Select All in the top right of your list, or select the individual contacts you’d like to add to your sequence.
  5. If this is your first time, you will be prompted to authorize the connection by Outreach.
  6. A pop-up will appear that will allow you to select your sequence.
  7. Once you select your sequence, Datanyze will export all contacts including the Name, Title and Email into your selected sequence. 

Best Practices: 

  1. Export medium and high confidence emails. You can customize this setting within your CSV Export settings.
  2. Confirm your Outreach settings for when a prospect gets added to a sequence. If it is set to automatically send the first email, make sure you know that ;)
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