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Export Only Green Emails

Within Datanyze, you have the option to only export Green Emails. What is the difference between the different colors?

  • Green emails mean we have a high confidence that address is correct
  • Orange emails are medium confidence
  • Gray emails are low confidence

The Datanyze workflow gives users the option to only export green emails, ensuring that only emails with a high likelihood of success are exported.

Note: The default setting for exporting contacts from a Prospect list is all contacts, regardless of the confidence level associated with the contact.

Export Only Green Emails

1. Go Settings by clicking on your email address at the top-right hand corner and selecting Settings.


2. Select CSV Export on the left-handle panel.


3. Scroll towards the bottom of your CSV Settings until you get to When I export people from lists, only export people with the email confidence of...


4. Select High Only for Green emails. Medium or High will export Green and Orange emails.

5. Click Update to save your settings.

If you have any questions about using the export only green email functionality, feel free to reach out to

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