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Datanyze + Hubspot Integration

Our integration with Hubspot includes:

  1. Enriching of company and technology data into your Hubspot CRM or Marketing Automation platform.
  2. Exporting of contacts to Hubspot from the platform.

Requirements for Data Enrichment:

  1. Hubspot Account ID# or HUB ID# (Located in top right of Hubspot)
  2. API Field Names for each dataset to be synced.
  3. Datanyze Technologies & Datanyze History need to be large open text fields.
  4. Employees, Revenue, and Industry can be pick-lists based on the data in Datanyze.


  1. Datanyze syncs to Company and Contact Properties.
  2. The data is updated once per day by default but can be changed to any desired frequency. 
  3. An email address is required on the record to match the data.
  4. We filter out all generic emails like gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc.

Here is an example of what it could look like in your Hubspot:

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