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What is Countdown?

If annual contracts are the norm in your space, would it be worth it to you to know which domains started using a technology 9 months ago and are still using it?

Countdown allows you to see which domains use which technologies and for how long they have been using them.

Countdown gives you the ability to anticipate when a domain comes up for renewal based on the standard length of the contract in your space. Your sales team will know the perfect time to approach the company to pitch them on your product.

You can view Countdown a couple of different ways.

1. Go to the Technologies panel and select from the list of technologies.


2. Enter the technology name in the navigation panel on the top of the platform and select under Technologies.

3. Once you select your technology, click on the Countdown tab.

4. On the right-hand side of the screen above the list of domains, you will see a drop-down list titled “Show websites that started using (technology name) in ________” with a list of options from which to select.

5. When you navigate to this page, it will automatically display data from when Datanyze started tracking the technology.

6. The websites in the list are sorted by Alexa rank. You can learn more about the Alexa rank by going here.

7. To learn about how you can apply countdown to your targeting report, click here.


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