Create a Targeting Report

Targeting reports are targeted search queries into the Datanyze database.

What do we mean by targeted? 

Utilize our technology, geography, company, and Alexa filters to create your desired customer profile to target as a prospect.

You can use targeting to:

1. Build lists of targeted companies based on your desired customer profile

2. Build a list of your competitor's customers that are up for renewal

3. Analyze a list of companies based on any number of custom criteria

Step by Step Instructions

1. Open Targeting in the left main panel of your Datanyze account.



2. You will see a drop-down showing "Select Condition." This drop-down contains all of the available conditions you can use to build your targeted search query.


3. Choose your first query, and click show results.


4. You will see 100 results ranked by the highest Alexa rank. We use Alexa rank as the common denominator for all domains in the database. You can click through each page of 100 results at time.



What you can do next:

1. Click a domain to bring up the company's profile page where you can see the technology data, company data, and the contact data

2. Prospect into all 100 listed domains on LinkedIn using the list builder 

3. Export your results to CSV


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