Account Admin Tasks: Adding/Removing Users & Managing Credits

Congratulations! You’re the main administrator of your Datanyze account. This means you have some special features that no one else on your team has, including the ability to talk to animals. Just kidding, but these features are almost as cool.

In this article, we are going to walk you through some steps that are specific to the account administrator.

Adding New Users to Your Datanyze Account

1. Easily add new users to your account by going to your Settings (the gear icon next to your email address on the top of your screen) and selecting Add User in the accounts tab.

2. Add users individually, or import a list of emails and create user accounts for the entire team.

3. Once new users are added, they will receive an email from Datanyze asking them to confirm their email address.

4. They will now have access to your Datanyze account!

5. If you have any trouble with adding new users, send an email to


Removing Users from Your Datanyze Account

1. If you have reached your seat limit and want to add a different user or you simply need to remove a current user from your account, you can easily do so through the Accounts tab in Settings.

2. Search for the user you need to remove, and select the Delete button on the right hand side

3. Follow the steps in the Adding New Users to your Datanyze Account section to add a new user.


Convert a User from Free Insider to Live

1. Easily convert users to a seat on your account by going to the Accounts tab in Settings and scrolling to the bottom of the list.

2. Here you will see any users that can be converted. Click the “Convert” button next to the user’s email address and they will be given a seat on your account.

3. This will automatically convert this user from their Free Insider account to having a live seat on your company account.

4. The user can log into their account normally.


Distribution of Your Team’s Credits

1. If your account requires dispersion of credits to your team through the account administrator, you can easily distribute credits from the Accounts tab in Settings.

2. Under the Actions drop down list next to whichever user you want to allocate credits to is the option to Manage. Here you can allocate credits to anyone on your team.

3. Enter in the amount of credits you wish to allocate to any user on your account, and press Save.

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