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Verify Emails Using Rapportive & Gmail


Must be a Standard Contacts user.

While we stand our Standard Contacts email address accuracy, we understand you may want to verify what we return. To double-check that an email is correct, we suggest using Rapportive. Rapportive will show a prospect’s LinkedIn profile in your Gmail so you can verify that the email is correct. Click here to download Rapportive.

Once you have downloaded the extension, Rapportive will populate your email recipients LinkedIn Profile picture on the right-hand side of your browser window for any email address(es) you enter in the To: field.


Verify Emails Using Rapportive & Gmail

1. In a Prospect List, select the View Combos button for a prospect if there is a gray or yellow envelope next to the email.


2. You have the option to Copy All combinations.


3. After you’ve copied all email combinations, paste them into a New Message within Gmail.


4. The Rapportive extension will show up on the right-hand side of your account.


5. Simply hover over each of the emails with your cursor until you find the correct email address.


6. Once you’ve found the correct one, you will see the prospect’s LinkedIn profile information, and can confirm their email address.


Note: If a prospect’s Google profile shows up with their photo, you have the correct email address. Another email verification method. 


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