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What is Correlations?

If you are a SaaS company, would it be beneficial to know if there’s a complementary technology that companies use a certain percentage of the time?

With Correlations, we show you a list of technologies that companies are using that are also using your technology, and calculate the percentage companies are using both technologies.

To access Correlations, search for your technology at the top of the platform. Select the Correlations tab. Note: In order to see "Correlations" you have to choose the domain under "Technologies":


Once you have selected the technology you would like to track, you will see the following tabs. Click on "Correlations": 


In the Correlations page, you will be able to see:

  1. The complete list of technologies also being used with your technology
  2. Total customers for each of the technologies listed
  3. Common customers between your technology and the technology listed
  4. The correlation percentage
  5. The reverse correlation percentage

If you work for Marketo and see that 41% of the time your customers are also using DoubleClick Conversion, depending on your prospecting approach your sales team could find it relevant to reach out to any customer using DoubleClick Conversion that is not currently using Marketo.

Clicking on the number under Common Customers will take you to a Datanyze page listing out all of the common customers between your technology and the correlating technology.

Good to note: Since we crawl our Datanyze universe of 35 million websites every day, the correlation percentage can change, allowing you to keep track if a complementary technology is trending upward.

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