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Set Up Your Alerts

Using Alerts is an easy way to track companies that are adding or dropping technologies you integrate or compete with. This allows you to connect with potential clients or customers that are trailing competitors.

1. Select the Alerts icon on the left nav bar, then click the gear icon to set up your alert.


2. Add the technologies you are interested in tracking.


3. Add conditions to narrow down the websites you get Alerts for (e.g. only companies that already exist in your Salesforce instance or located in California).


4. Select if you want a daily email with the list of sites adding/dropping the chosen technology.


5. Add to the contact list of your email client so that your daily alerts email does not go into the spam folder.

6. To view your Alerts in the Datanyze platform, click on the Alerts icon in the left panel. To make edits, click on the gear icon just like you did during the initial setup.


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