Export a Targeting Report to CSV format

Found some good leads in your Targeting reports? Unsure of how to take advantage? Try exporting these leads into a CSV file.

The benefits of exporting your data do not lay in your ability to execute this task, but rather the steps you take immediately after. Our data export gives you the ability to:

  • do a mass upload of new leads into your CRM (i.e. Salesforce,
  • do a mass upload of new leads into your Marketing Automation tool (i.e. Hubspot)
  • keep track of your new leads internally  

To export a Targeting report:


1. Next to your search results, you will notice a "Export to CSV" option. Click on it and a new window will appear: 

2. As soon as the system processes your request, a new downloaded CSV file will appear at the bottom of your screen: 

3. Open this file and you will see all applicable data: 

Tip: You can always edit the data fields that comprise your exported file(s) in "CSV export settings". 

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