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SEMRush Fields in Salesforce


You must have administrative access in both Datanyze and Salesforce to complete the Datanyze to Salesforce integration.

Also, you must have purchased the Datanyze-Salesforce Integration product before you can connect your two instances.

An additional cost will be applied for SEMRush data.

SEMRush data is now available with the Datanyze-Salesforce integration. You can now add and customize SEMRush data with the Salesforce integration.

1. You have to manually create the fields in your Salesforce instance and name them:

Field Name: SEMRush Rank, API Name: SEMRush_rank_c, Field Type: (number)

Field Name: SEMrush Organic Keywords, API Name: SEMrush_Organic_Keywords__c, Field Type: (number)

Field Name: SEMrush Organic Traffic, API Name: SEMrush_Organic_Traffic__c, Field Type: (number)

Field Name: SEMrush_Organic_Cost, API Name: SEMrush_Organic_Cost__c , Field Type: (currency)

Field Name: SEMrush Adwords Keywords, API Name: SEMrush_Adwords_Keywords__c, Field Type: (number)

Field Name: SEMRush Adwords Traffic, API Name: SEMRush_Adwords_Traffic__c, Field Type: (number)

Field Name: SEMrush Adwords Cost, API Name: SEMrush_Adwords_Cost__c, Field Type: (currency)


2. Contact us at Our team will map to it on our end and push a full update.

3. After the full sync is completed, you’ll be able to see SEMRush Data in your Salesforce.


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