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Flagging Data in the Chrome Extension (Insider)

Our teams work hard on a daily basis to provide the most accurate data to our users. However, there may be times where our data is incorrect. We hope it never happens, but if you find a data point that is incorrect, please let us know by flagging it. Our Data Team will be immediately notified and will research the incorrect data point to update Datanyze.

Now you can do that not only on our Web platform but also on our Free Chrome Extension (Insider).

1. Flag the data point - Next to most of the data points we offer, there is a little red flag that will pop up on the left side if you hover over the data shown.


Note: If the little red flag does not show up, it is not a data point you can flag.

2. Give us some orientation - Once you click the red flag on the Insider Extension, a window will pop up with an open text field, giving you the ability to provide us information about the incorrect data. It’s not required, but we recommend that you provide insight into why it’s wrong, and/or what the correct data should be to help expedite the research process.


 3. Submit - Once you are done providing some information, please click the blue Submit button.

Great! You have flagged incorrect information. Thank you for making Datanyze better!

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