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Using History

History allows you to identify how many companies add or drop a technology over time. Using History can give you insight into technologies that are becoming more or less popular, or where the market is shifting

What’s in this article:

  • How to use history for an individual technology
  • Using history in Targeting

Using History

1. Search for any technology in the search bar on the top left of any page of the platform or click into the Technologies tab and select a technology in which you have access.



2. Click on the History tab. The list displays how many websites added or dropped the technology on a daily basis since Datanyze first started tracking the technology.


3. Scroll through the history to view the complete daily adds and drops for that specific technology. The list can be especially long depending on the popularity of the technology


Using History in Targeting

1. Click on the Targeting module on the left-hand side of the platform.


2. Use the conditions Added or Dropped to identify companies that added or dropped a technology during a specific time frame.



3. Click Run Targeting Report to view the results.


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