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Using Correlations

Correlations allow you to identify how likely companies using one technology are to use another technology. Correlations allow you to identify trends to uncover potential partnerships or integrations with other technologies or companies.

What’s in this article:

  • How to use correlations for an individual technology
  • Using correlations in Targeting

Using Correlations

1. Search for any technology in the search bar on the top left of any page on the platform or click on the Technologies tab and select a technology in which you have access.

Screen_Shot_2017-09-27_at_11.00.01_AM__3_.png tech_search__3_.png

2. Click on the Correlations tab. The chart displays all technologies that are in any way correlated with the technology you have selected.


3. Sort the list by clicking on Correlations to get an idea of what the highest correlated technologies are. Correlations show what percentage of customers using a specific technology are also using the other technology. In this example, 92.58% of companies using Marketo are also using Google Analytics.


4. Sort the Reverse column to get an idea of what percentage of customers using the technology listed are also using the technology you searched for. In this example, 100% of companies using GoGrid are also using Marketo.


Using Customer Migration in Targeting

1. Click on the Targeting module on the left-hand side of the platform.


2. Use the conditions Currently Use for one technology and Currently Use for another correlated technology to see the full list of results. You can use other Targeting conditions to further segment your search.


3. Click Run Targeting Report to view the results.


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