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Using Open Positions Data in Salesforce


Users must have our full Salesforce integration, SFDC enabled, have permissions to allow the connection and have the appropriate fields built within your Salesforce instance.

An exciting and powerful tool Datanyze offers users with our Salesforce integration is the ability to include Open Positions within the data being synced. Customers use this data to see what positions a prospect is looking to fill, which helps them infer what kind of work the company is doing or pursuing in the future, and what technologies they use. This information is also a strong indicator of growth. If an account increases hiring, you can assume they’re doing well.

What’s in this article:

  • The Open Positions data points available in Salesforce
  • The fields you need to allow Datanyze to push Open Positions to your SFDC instance
  1. Create the following custom fields at the Lead or Account level in Salesforce:
    • Datanyze_Total_Positions_C
      Number Field
    • Datanyze_Open_Positions_Added_C
      Number Field
    • Datanyze_Open_Positions_C
      Long Text Field with a minimum of 255 characters or Multi-Select Picklist

These fields allow Datanyze to push the total number of open positions a company has, the total number open positions added in the last 30 days, and the specific positions you are interested in, respectively.


Once the fields are created, your Datanyze Representative or Datanyze Support will need to be contacted in order to allow Datanyze to map the fields on our end. Once mapped, data can be pushed right away!

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