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Update Your Salesforce Lead or Account Source


You should have connected your Datanye account to Salesforce via oAuth and want to change the Lead or Account source from Datanyze to something else.

Using the Datanyze Lead or Account source can help you easily identify which Leads or Accounts in your Salesforce instance were sourced from Datanyze. Although we do not recommend it, you can update the Lead or Account source to something other than Datanyze. We advise against it so you can easily analyze ROI of Datanyze with a few simple Salesforce reports.

  1. Click on your Datanyze Account Settings > Integrations > Salesforce Push.salesforce_push.png
  2. Scroll to the section “When I export a lead I want the source to display as” & “When I export a domain I want the Account Source to display as” and enter your new source name(s).Screen_Shot_2017-09-27_at_1.31.34_PM.png
  3. When finished, click Update Import Settings to save your changes.Screen_Shot_2017-09-27_at_1.31.39_PM.png
  4. Test out exporting a Lead or Account to Salesforce to verify the source has updated correctly.lead_source_salesforce_censored__1_.jpg


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