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Using Hubspot Data in Datanyze


To use HubSpot data within Datanyze, you need to have the full HubSpot integration enabled.

What’s in this article?

  • Build a targeting report using HubSpot data
  • Set up alerts and filter the results using HubSpot data
  • View HubSpot data in the Datanyze Browser Extension (Insider)

Using HubSpot Data in Targeting

1. Go to the Targeting module and drill down into the list of conditions.

2. Select the Tag option and choose HubSpot.


3. Click Run Targeting Report to view a list of companies in your HubSpot instance.

4. Filter the results using other conditions in the Targeting section.


5. HubSpot data will be visible via the HubSpot Tags #HubSpot & #hs_contacts any time you run a Targeting report that returns a company within your HubSpot instance.


Using HubSpot Data in Alerts

1. Go to the Alerts module and select a technology you wish to track.


2. Scroll to the Alert Filters section, select the Tag option and choose HubSpot to only receive notifications of companies that add or drop the technology you selected that are also in HubSpot.


3. Select Update filters.


4. Review the Alerts Summary.


Using HubSpot Data in the Datanyze Browser Extension (Insider)

1. Go to any website and open the Datanyze Browser Extension (Insider).
2. On the firmographics tab, look at the Tags section to see whether the company exists in your HubSpot instance.



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