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Run a Mobile Targeting Report


You must have access to Datanyze Mobile Data in order to run a Mobile Targeting Report.

Datanyze’s Mobile Targeting gives you the ability to target Android Apps and segment based on mobile attribute data such as:

  • SDK currently installed in an app
  • Number of apps installed
  • Apps category

This information allows you to:

  • Build lists of targeted mobile apps based on attributes of your ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • Build lists of mobile apps that just installed a competitive or complementary SDK or had it installed over a time period
  • Find net-new accounts that are not in your Salesforce instance

Step by Step Instructions

1. Click on Targeting on the left side of the Datanyze platform. Select Mobile for mobile technologies.


2. Select attributes of mobile companies you’re looking to target by using Conditions. To get started, use the Select a Condition drop-down list. You can combine multiple conditions to your search query. The more conditions you add, the more refined the search results will be.


3. Once you have a condition selected, click Run Targeting Report to see the results.


4. The results will return the first 100 Android Apps. From here, you can Export to CSV, Save Report, or Show Map. Click on CSV Export Settings to manage which data points are included when you export.


5. The search results are paginated. To see the next 100 Android Apps, simply click Next.




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