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Account Executive Best Practices

Datanyze is a powerful tool for account executives. And with all the different strategies, territories and operations that AE's can be a part of in their sales organization, it’s good to go over some best practices for using Datanyze within these structures.

Account Executive Use Cases:

  • Account Research
  • Accounts/Territory Segmentation
  • Contact Finding
  • Finding New Accounts to Target
  • Export to CRM or Sales Automation Tools
  • Continual Learning

Account Research
Datanyze provides company level data in two main places: The domain page and through the Insider browser extension. We provide a detailed overview of what the company does, links to all their social media profiles, firmographic data, latest news, recent tweets, technographics, employee contacts, website traffic and current job postings. Using this info will help you better understand their environment so that you can ask specific questions, make appropriate recommendations and ensure you’re not wasting your prospect's time by asking questions that can easily be answered with some research.

Account/Territory Segmentation
With access to best-in-class firmographic and technographic data, you now have the ability to segment accounts based on these valuable data sets. If your sales team has already implemented territories, you can use Datanyze business data to target only the accounts that matter to you. Here is an article that shows you exactly how to Target companies in your territory within Datanyze. 

Contact Finding
After you have identified the companies that you want to target, finding the best contacts at those businesses is the next step. If this is your responsibility, here is a quick article on all the different ways you can do that within Datanyze. For additional information about Contacts in Datanyze, click here.

Finding New Accounts to Target
If you have already contacted all of your target accounts, it’s time either re-engage with older prospects, or find new accounts to target. Here is a guide on how to find net-new accounts to target. 

Export to CRM or Sales Automation tools
Datanyze has direct integrations with six different CRM & Sales Automation tools (and countless others through our API) to help automate the process of exporting accounts and contacts directly into your CRM or outbound messaging system. We recommend that you set up an integration if you are using one of the following tools to help expedite your prospecting workflow.

Continual Learning
Datanyze provides articles, blog posts, webinars and resources from industry experts to help our users continually learn actionable tips and tactics. We encourage you to always continue learning new aspects of your business to help it scale and grow. Here is a good starting point.

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