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Account-Based Marketing Best Practices

An account-based marketing (ABM) strategy can help shorten sales cycles and ensure you’re focusing your marketing efforts on accounts that fit your business.

You can use the Datanyze platform to identify accounts that are the good fit for your product based on a variety of data points. Depending on your business or technology, there are a variety of ways you can identify perfect prospects.

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Use Targeting to Identify Accounts

You can use Targeting to build lists of accounts based on specific conditions.

For instance, you can identify companies that are using a competitor’s technology with a Targeting report. In the example below, the Targeting report is identifying companies that are currently using a competing payments technology. The other three conditions (revenue, country and industry) help to limit the search and reveal accounts most likely to be interested based on other specific company attributes.


This report produced 328 companies that fit these conditions. From here, that list can be exported, saved or filtered again by specific contacts within the companies.

For more information on how to create a Targeting report, visit our support article Run a Targeting Report.

Use Predict to Identify Accounts


Predict is a feature upgrade within the Datanyze platform.

Predict was built with account-based marketing in mind. This Datanyze product will automatically generate a list of accounts that look just like your best customers. Simply upload a list of current customers or sync your customer list through Salesforce and Predict will automatically generate a list of net-new accounts.

To learn more about using Predict, read the support article Build a Predict Model Using a CSV or Build a Predict Model Using Salesforce Data.

Wondering what to do once Datanyze has helped you identify what accounts to target? Read how ABM experts at Engagio do account-based marketing in the article How Data Can Improve ABM Account Selection.

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