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Sales Operations Best Practices

There are many different strategies and processes Sales Operations are striving to improve. This guide describes some of the common ways our Sales Ops customers use Datanyze to improve their organization's efficiency.

Sales Operations Use Cases:

  • Data Enrichment
    • Reporting
    • Account Prioritization
    • Lead Routing
    • Lead & Account Scoring
    • Reducing Manual Data Entry
    • Alert Triggers
  • Total Addressable Market Research
  • Predictive Analytics (Account Scoring)
  • Continual Learning

Data Enrichment
Datanyze offers data enrichment services via our direct integrations with Salesforce, Hubspot, Marketo, and our open API’s. Having your CRM or Marketing Automation system automatically enriched with firmographic and technographic data can open up a world of possibilities. Here are some of the most common benefits of automatic data enrichment:

  1. Reporting: You can now run reports within your CRM or MA system using firmographic and technographic data to help further understand your market and client segments. We recommend first analyzing your current customers to uncover commonalities, which will then help you better understand your total addressable market, identify good target accounts, guide product roadmaps, and prioritize content creation for customer segments that are most prevalent. Common company segments include:
    1. Technology data
    2. Industry
    3. Employee Size
    4. Revenue Range
    5. Location
    6. Funding Rounds
    7. Company classification (Public/Private/Nonprofit)
  2. Account Prioritization: Using the knowledge gained in analyzing your current customers, you can help guide your sales reps to focus on accounts that are the best fit for new business. If they have assigned accounts, you can help show them which ones should be a priority, and if they have an assigned territory, you can help them run reports to find the best fit companies in their space. Here is a best practice guide for AE's and a best practice guide for SDR's/BDR's which you can share with them.
  3. Lead Routing: Since your database is automatically enriched with firmographic and technographic data, you now have the ability to route leads based on these valuable data sets. If you have already segmented your sales team, route leads based on those segments. If you are getting ready to segment your sales team, here are some common attributes we see sales reps grouped by:
    1. Employee size
    2. Revenue ranges
    3. Industry
    4. Company classification (Public, Private, Nonprofit, Government, or Education)
  4. Lead & Account Scoring: Since your database is automatically enriched with Datanyze data, you can now include these data points in your lead scoring. We recommend using the insights gained from analyzing your current customers to help with weighting these attributes, as well as continually adjusting these weights over time as your business grows. By having Datanyze enrich inbound leads, the amount of time spent scoring new leads is reduced. If you need some help in creating an account scoring system based on firmographic or technographic data, our Predictive Analytics can do the heavy lifting for you.
  5. Reducing manual data entry errors: Having your database automatically enriched reduces the need for your reps to manually input data, which is extremely time-consuming.
  6. Alert Triggers: Establishing Alert triggers for certain attributes will help your reps be in tune with what is going on with their prospects/customers. Since your database is constantly being enriched with new data, you can set up Alerts to notify reps when changes to certain fields occur. Some common Alert triggers can be based on changes to:
    1. Technology data- E.g. if a current customer adds a software that you integrate with, trigger an Alert for the Customer Success Manager or Account Manager so that they can reach out to introduce your integration.
    2. Funding Rounds- E.g. if a prospect just received a new round of funding, trigger an alert for the sales rep so they can reach out. The company likely has more budget to work with and might be planning to invest in some tools to help with their anticipated growth.

Total Addressable Market Research
Using targeting, you can run unlimited reports to help understand your total addressable market. We recommend analyzing your current customer base to help you understand commonalities. For help on how to run a targeting report, here are some articles to help get you going.

Predictive Analytics
If you do not already have a scoring system for new leads, or are not scoring leads based on any firmographic or technographic data, our Predictive Analytics solution can help. Using a list of customers that you provide, Datanyze will analyze all the firmographic and technographic data for commonalities to create an ideal customer profile (ICP) that you can use to score new inbound leads. One of the main benefits of scoring based on firmographic and technographic data is to help reduce the amount of bad-fit leads that your sales team works. E.g. if a lead has a very high interest score, but the company is a terrible fit, you can ensure these leads never make it to sales to help them focus on the companies best suited for your product or service.

Continual Learning
Datanyze provides articles, blog posts, webinars and resources from industry experts to help our users continually learn actionable tips and tactics. We encourage you to always continue learning new aspects of your business to help it scale and grow. Here is a good starting point.


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