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New Curated Tags

Curated tags, which are both created and maintained by the Datanyze team, allow users to see that a domain belongs to a publicly available list. Want to run a Targeting report just for Inc. 5000 companies? The #Inc5000 curated tag can help you do this! We'll do the work of making sure it stays up-to-date (we just updated the #Inc5000 tag with the latest 2017 list) and you can use it to run reports, filter your Alerts, etc.

Request a Curated Tag

We will continue to add new curated tags based on the suggestions of our users. To streamline this process, we've created a form for users to quickly and easily request us to add a curated tag by providing the website that contains the data source.

New Curated Tag: Job Board

One of our recent requested curated tags was just released: #Job-board. Some users were finding that job boards were creating noise in their reports, so we added over 100 of the most popular job boards to a new #Job-board tag to allow users to quickly filter these websites out.

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