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CRM Best Practices

Your Datanyze account must have the Salesforce or Hubspot CRM data enrichment feature purchased and enabled in order for these suggestions to be relevant.

Executive Summary:
This guide will show you different ways Sales and Marketing operations can make the most out of having Datanyze data appended to your CRM.

Topics covered:

  • Automated Tags
  • Net-New Account Search
  • Reporting with Datanyze Data
  • Funding Round Alerts
  • Technology Alerts

Automated Tags in Datanyze:
Automated Tags enable you to see what accounts are already in your CRM throughout the Datanyze platform and Insider. They can help reps see if a company they’re interested in has already been prospected or whether a lead is actually a current customer. More on How to Set Up Automated Tags in Salesforce here.

Net-New Account Search in Datanyze:
Using the Tags feature, you can filter out companies that your sales team have already spoken with. This ensures your team is only spending time working net-new accounts.

Simply import a list of customers and closed/lost opportunities, and create a Tag (this can be done automatically using Automated Tags, or by manually creating a Tag). Then use Targeting to find companies who fit your ideal customer profile (ICP), and filter out your current client and closed/lost opps using the None of the following condition. Screen_Shot_2017-09-26_at_1.52.21_PM.png

Reporting with our data in your CRM:
Using the standard reports option in your CRM, you will be able to include Datanyze data as filters to help find specific companies within your database. This will help your colleagues be able to filter for records using info from all the additional data sources in one place. Additionally, your colleagues without a Datanyze account will now be able to run reports with our data since it has been appended to your CRM.

Funding Information Alerts in your CRM:
If you have funding data included as one of the data points we are pushing to your CRM, you can set up alerts to notify record owners when one of their accounts receives funding. This can be done two ways:

  1. If the funding amount field was previously blank, and now it has a value to it, schedule an alert to go out to the record owner.
  2. If the funding amount field already had a value in it, but it recently changed (ie, they received another round of funding) schedule an alert to go out to the record owner.

Technology Added Alerts in your CRM:
If you have technology added dates included as one of the data points we are pushing to your CRM, you can set up alerts to notify record owners when their accounts add new technologies. Common uses of this would be to notify the CSM/AM if one of their accounts added a software your system integrates with (to help with driving adoption and identifying upsell potential), or if one of your clients added a competitor's technology (churn risk). See image below for an example of how to build an alert within Salesforce.


For additional insights into how Marketing teams can use our data enrichment services with their Marketing Automation software, check out the Marketing Automation Best Practices article.


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