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Identify Companies Coming Up for Renewal with a Competitor

Within Targeting, you can easily identify companies using a competitor’s product who may be coming up for renewal. Identifying these key companies allows you to focus your efforts on accounts that may be considering switching to a different technology or vendor in the near future. Allowing you to target accounts by inferring their renewal time lessens the risk that these companies are not considering switching technologies or vendors at this time.

The following steps will walk you through how to create a Targeting report of companies that may be coming up on their one year renewal with a competing product.

1. Go to the Targeting section.


2. Select the condition Added. Then enter one or more competing technologies. For the next condition, we suggest selecting a From date 10 months prior to today, and a To date 9 months prior to today.

Optional: Add another condition to ensure only your targeted accounts show in the report results. Select the Tag that specifies your targeted list of domains.


3. Click Run Targeting Report.

4. Domains that match the Targeting conditions will appear below.


Now you can export the list, save the report or narrow your search by relevant contacts.

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