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Customize Your Browser Extension - Insider Settings

You need to have the Datanyze browser extension (Insider) added to your Chrome browser.

Executive Summary:
This article will describe how you can customize your experience using the Datanyze Insider browser extension to make sure you get the information and functionality you need.

What’s in this article:

  • Basic Settings
  • Technographic tab customization
  • About Tab
  • Updates Tab

Basic Settings
This is where you can adjust some of the basic aspects of the Insider experience. You can get there by clicking on Settings gear near the bottom of the Insider window.


From here, you can customize the look and functionality of Insider.


For Tags, you have 4 options: Both tags, “SFDC” only, “CustomerCustomer” only or None.


Note: This setting only adjusts if the “SFDC” or “CurrentCustomer” tags show up as an alert bubble when you visit a website.

Here is an example of a Tag Alert Bubble: 


1. Both tags: This will show both the automated “SFDC” and “CurrentCustomer” tag as an Alert Bubble when you visit a website.
2. “SFDC” only: Choosing this option will disable the “CurrentCustomer” tag Alert Bubble when visiting a website. You must have the Salesforce Data Enrichment feature purchased and enabled on your account to utilize this functionality. More about the automatic Salesforce tag here.
3. “CurrentCustomer” only: Choosing this will disable the “SFDC” tag as an Alert Bubble when visiting a website. More about the CurrentCustomer tag here.
4. None: Choosing this option will disable both the “CurrentCustomer” and “SFDC” tags as Alert Bubbles when visiting a website.

Technographics tab customization
For each technology, you can choose if you want it to show up on the Technologies tab of Insider, as well as if you want to be notified immediately with an Alert Bubble that the website you are visiting is using a specific technology.


By default, all technologies will be selected on the Right Panel option, and the Alert Bubble will be disabled. We recommend that you uncheck the Right Panel option for technologies you are not interested in, and check the Alert Bubble option for those technologies that you DO care about.

Here is what the Technology Alert Bubble will look like:


Note: Technologies listed will vary depending on your settings.

About Tab
This tab gives a brief description of Insider and shows which version you have.


Updates Tab
This gives you details about all of our newest updates for Insider.


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