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Using Tags in the Browser Extension (Insider)

The Tags feature allows you to group domains into custom lists. Use Tags to organize your account lists, group domains based on similar technologies or create any other categorization you can think of to stay organized.

Tags are accessible throughout the Datanyze platform and from the Firmographics tab of the browser extension (Insider).

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What’s in this article?

  • Using Tags in Insider
  • Adding Tags to domains from Insider

Using Tags in the Browser Extension (Insider)

1. While on a website, open the Datanyze browser extension and click the Firmographics tab. If this domain has any Tags applied they will appear near the bottom of the Insider panel.


2. Clicking on the Tag (e.g. #sf_accounts) will take you to the corresponding list of domains within the Datanyze platform.


3. To add a Tag to a website that you’re currently on, click Add a Tag near the Tags window. From there you can select an existing Tag or create a new one.


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