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Create an Automated Tag


In order to create an Automated Tag, your Customer Success Manager must have made you a Salesforce administrator in the Datanyze platform. You must also have the integration setup between Datanyze and your Salesforce instance.

Automated Tags allow you to automatically create and refresh domains within a Tag based on specific Salesforce field attributes. Most common uses for this feature include automatically creating Tags dependent on account owner, lead owner or customer status. Using Automated Tags ensures your Datanyze Tags and Salesforce are always in sync and eliminates the need to manually update Tags.

Create an Automated Tag

1. Select Tags from the left side navigation in the Datanyze platform.

2. Click Create New Automated Tag.


3. A pop-up window will appear. Enter the name of the Tag, the object you wish to tag and the field in which the website domain can be found.


4. Add filters to your list to customize how that Tag is automatically populated.

5. Once you’ve set up your new Automated Tag, click Create New Tag.


4. Your new Automated Tag will appear at the top of your list of Tags in the Automated tab.

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