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Export Contacts to Hubspot


You must have Contacts (Standard or Premium) enabled on your account and have already created a Prospect list. Contact support if you do not have Contacts enabled.

This article will show you how to export contacts directly to Hubspot CRM from your Prospect list in Datanyze.

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Connecting to Hubspot

1. Before you can export to Hubspot, you must first connect your Datanyze account to Hubspot. This is done in your Datanyze Account Settings > Integrations > Hubspot.


2. Click the blue Connect Account button which will take you to Hubspot’s login portal.


3. Input your Hubspot credentials then click Log In. It will then ask you for permission to gain access to your Hubspot User and Account Information and to Read from and write to my Contacts. Click the orange Grant access Button to complete the Datanyze to Hubspot connection.


4. After you are successfully connected to Hubspot, your Hubspot Portal ID will appear above the blue Change Account? button.


Adjusting your Export to Hubspot Settings

In your Hubspot Integration panel, you will need to manually select the Source field and confirm what you want Datanyze to append to that field when a new record has been created. We suggest using Lead Source as the Source Field, and using the Datanyze as the Source Value so everyone will know that the lead came from Datanyze. Once you confirm those two values, click the blue Update Source Settings button.


After you update the Source settings, you will now be able to export a list of contacts from a Prospect List directly to Hubspot.


Export to Hubspot

Once you have created a Prospect list, you can export any or all of those contacts directly to your Hubspot instance.

1. Select the checkbox next to each contact that you want to export, or select the top checkbox to select all.

2. Click the Export button (a box with curved arrow), and select Export to Hubspot.


3. Once you click Export to Hubspot, a window will pop up showing you the export status. There are three types of responses. Successfully exported, Error Occurred, or Already Exists.


Matching Domains

The Datanyze Hubspot Integration is designed to work by matching a domain to existing Companies and Contacts within your Hubspot instance. It does so by looking at the email or website field. If a contact you're pushing over has a domain that matches the website field of an existing company, this contact will be added to that specific Hubspot company.

One aspect that does not matter in the matching will be the initial "www" or "HTTP" section of the URL. The Datanyze algorithm does not take that part of the URL into account when matching domains. These will not cause your contacts to be pushed into new and/or separate records within Hubspot.

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