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Targeting Best Practices

You need to have Targeting as part of your Datanyze plan

Executive Summary:
There are many varieties of companies you might want to find when using Targeting, but there are some constant best practices to help ensure your search is successful. This article will help show you how to quickly become an expert in Targeting.

Topics Covered:

  • Understanding conditions
  • General best practices
  • Finding net-new accounts
  • Segmenting your target account list

Understanding the conditions

The first step to becoming a Targeting pro is to know what conditions you can use to filter your results. Run a few practice Targeting reports to get familiar with the dozens of available conditions. For more information on conditions and sorting options, read: Explanation of Targeting Conditions.

General Best Practices

  1. Click the Run Targeting Report button after each condition you add to see how they affect the results. This will help you understand how much of an impact each condition will have on the total number of domains returned.
  2. Save your Reports- After you have created a Targeting report, save the report so that you can quickly return to it. Also, don’t click on any of the results without saving as it will direct you to the domain page for that company in the same tab, thereby losing your report. If this happens, you can always use the My Last Report option under Saved Reports. If you do want to view the domain page of one of the results, make sure when you click on the link it opens in a new tab.
  3. Check your Export to CSV Settings before exporting. This will ensure that the file you receive includes only the information you need, and nothing extra. This will help shorten the download time of your report since the file will be smaller. By default, every data point we offer will be included in the exported targeting report. You can also make this report public by clicking the Share button when saving.

Finding Net-New Accounts

One of the most common uses of Targeting is to find new companies that are a good fit for your business. Here is an article that shows you exactly how to find Net-New Accounts. 

Segmenting your Target Account List

Being able to segment your account list is a good way to categorize companies and helps when you starting planning how you will approach each one.
We all know that the more personalized your message is to your prospect, the higher your response rate will be. Some great market segment conditions are:

  • Technologies used
  • Industry
  • Employee Size
  • Funding Amounts
  • Location
  • Public/Private/Non-profit
  • Job Postings
  • Salesforce Last Contacted.

All these data points can be used to customize and personalize your outbound messaging.

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