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Marketing Automation Best Practices

Using Datanyze data in your marketing automation platform opens dozens of creative possibilities to segment audience lists, customize emails, score leads, send alerts to your team, create nurture campaigns and personalize prospects’ experience with your company.

Whether you’re enriching your Marketo or Hubspot instance directly with data or pushing data from your CRM into your marketing automation platform, you can use the data in campaign creation and execution.

What’s in this article?

  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Routing
  • Qualifying Questions on Forms
  • Email, Landing Page and Nurture Program Personalization
  • Send Alerts
  • Competitive and Complementary Technology Campaigns

Lead Scoring
Traditionally, lead scoring is done on two lead attributes: (1) Demographic data and (2) Behavioral data. With Datanyze data, the attributes with which your lead can be scored expands to include technographic data, funding data, mobile app data, job postings data and detailed company data.

For instance, let’s assume that you know that companies that have Salesforce are a good fit. With technographic data, you can use that intel to award more points to those leads that have Salesforce when you’re scoring.

Read our blog post The Data Set Marketing Needs To Accurately Score Leads for more ideas on using technographic data for lead scoring.

Lead Routing
If you are using your marketing automation platform to assign or route leads, you can use Datanyze data to build sophistication into your lead routing.

In order to determine which rep should receive each lead, many Datanyze customers have used technographic data to determine things like:

  • Should the lead be routed to an enterprise rep? SMB rep?
  • Should the lead be routed to a person at all or just be enrolled in a technology-specific drip campaign?
  • Should the lead be routed to a rep that specializes in one of our technology integrations?
  • Should the lead be routed to a rep that is best equipped to address a specific competitor?

Regardless of which of these examples speaks to you, it's clear that there are a number of opportunities to leverage Datanyze data when it comes to routing leads.

Qualifying Questions on Forms
Forms are likely a driving element for lead creation in your marketing automation platform. As you know, having fewer questions on forms increases the likelihood someone will fill it out. To increase form conversion rates, simply use Datanyze data in place of qualifying questions. Datanyze firmographic and technographic data can eliminate the need to ask a lead their company size, revenue, monthly technology spend or dozens of other qualifying questions that help you determine fit for a lead.

Email, Landing Page and Nurture Campaign Personalization
Personalizing your leads’ experience increases the likelihood they will engage and convert on your campaigns. You can use Datanyze data to ensure leads are sent messaging that is relevant to their company and technology experience.

Use Datanyze data to dynamically personalize emails or landing pages based on current, relevant technologies the company is using. You could also create email segments or lists based on company size to make sure you’re addressing the different needs of SMBs versus Enterprise prospects. The possibilities for using Datanyze data to personalize your marketing content are truly endless.

One example of using Datanyze data to personalize emails is using a dynamic token to bring in a complementary technology for your product. For instance, if your product integrates with a variety of email technologies, you can personalize emails to prospects to say, “Add our plugin to your MailChimp account.” This is an upgrade from generically stating, “Add our plugin to your email marketing provider.”

Send Alerts
Datanyze has a built-in Alerts feature, but you can expand on this capability by creating alerts through your marketing automation platform. Send an internal email or alert to specific teams or people depending on if:

  • A current customer drops a complementary technology
  • A current customer adds a competitor’s technology
  • A prospect is coming up for renewal with a competitor’s technology
  • A prospect adds a complementary technology

Internal emails or alerts can signal people that it may be a good time to reach out or start a conversation with a certain prospect or customer.

Competitive and Complementary Technology Campaigns
One benefit of Datanyze data is its ability to identify what competing or complementary technologies a lead is using. You can use this data to speak to a lead’s individual experiences with this technology.

For example, if you are in the Payment technologies space, you can use Datanyze data to see what payment vendor a lead is using. With that data, you can customize a lead’s experience with your marketing programs. Send them content that speaks to the benefit of your Payment technology over a specific competitor’s technology. This will increase the likelihood that your messaging will resonate with that lead.


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