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Filtering Alerts by Territory

Filtering Alerts results to only companies that are in your territory will help refine the results shown, thereby making them more actionable. This is a guide to how you can use Alerts filters to focus only on companies in your territory.

You must have Alerts enabled on your Datanyze account

1. Go to the Alerts Settings
Go to your Alert Settings. You can also click on the Settings gear next to Alerts.


2. Setup Alerts
If you have not yet setup Alerts for the technologies you find valuable, read this article on how to do that.

3. Add your territory into the filters
Let’s say your territory is the west coast (CA, WA, OR) with over 1,000 employees. Select the condition “US State” and choose California, Washington and Oregon. Then select another condition for “Number of Employees” and choose all options with the range over 1,000


After your territory is selected in the filters, click the blue Update Filters button to submit. A green bar will show up saying The filters have been saved successfully.


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