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Explanation of Targeting Conditions

The following is an overview of the conditions you can use to narrow domains to a specific profile. You can combine any number of conditions and apply multiple data points within the same condition.

List of Targeting Conditions

Currently Use
Technologies currently being used by the website (E.g. websites who added Marketo.)


Vendor currently used

A vendor is a legal organization/association/foundation (either profit or non-profit) developing and offering technologies to third parties on its own behalf. For example, Adobe Systems Inc. ( is a vendor of Adobe Experience Manager.


Technologies added/dropped to the websites within a given date range (E.g. websites who added Marketo in Sept 2017.)


Conditions based on the websites/company HQ location (e.g. websites/companies that are headquartered in the United States.)


Domain Name - Search for domains that contain a keyword you enter (E.g. "support" or "crossfit")


Top Level Domain
The ability to parse out websites based on the top level domain (E.g. I only want government websites.)


Alexa Rank - The ability to filter websites based on their popularity on the internet. For context, Google is ranked #1. (E.g. I only want websites in the top 1000 Alexa Rank.)


Alexa Rank Change 
The ability to parse out sites that are growing in popularity and improving their rank on the internet. (E.g. I only want websites who jumped 100 rankings in the last week.)


Keywords found on a given website (E.g. I want websites associated with Affiliate Marketing.)


Monthly Tech Spend
An estimation of monthly US dollars spent by the website on technologies (E.g. I only want websites spending less than $5k on website technologies.)


Conditions based on the firmographic data. This data is gathered using proprietary methods as well as 3rd party providers like Crunchbase. (E.g. I only want websites who are in the Accounting Industry.)


Total Job Postings
The total number of job postings associated with the website (E.g. I only want websites that have more than 10 job postings.)


Nonprofit Data
This condition allows you to generate a list of non-profit websites based on data pulled from their 10Ks. (E.g. I only want non-profit websites with over 100k in revenue.)


SEMrush Data
These conditions allow you parse out websites in a more granular fashion than Alexa Rank. (E.g. I want a list of websites expected to organically get less than 100k websites views.)


List of People Targeting Conditions

Filter by this condition to generate contacts based on what keywords their title contains

Explination__1_.png Confidence Level
These conditions allow you to hone your list based on confidence level accuracy: choose from 90%, 84%, 75%, and 55%
Explination__2_.pngPreviously Prospected
Filter to include contacts you have previously prospected or have not previously prospected
Explination__3_.pngHas Direct Dial
Filter to include contacts that have a direct dial phone number or do not have a direct dial phone number



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